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Travel Myth Top 50 Accommodations in Christchurch

Location: Riccarton Road, Christchurch, NZ

Known as the Garden City all around New Zealand and the world, Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island. Visitors will immediately notice the very English-style layout of the city with its central Cathedral Square and parallel streets running east, west, north and south. With a great number of parks and the mature trees that are everywhere, the name 'The Garden City', is very apt.

Within a short distance of the city centre there is a multitude of activities for all walks of life; including golf courses and driving ranges, tennis courts, wildlife parks, walking tracks, cycle tracks, beaches, wind surfing, boating and much more. During the winter there are great ski fields within 1-2 hours drive. No matter the season Christchurch has a variety of attractions to keep you visiting again and again.